C.E.O. Message

The March 11, earthquake struck our country suddenly and many people fell victim within our nation, In addition the nuclear power plant crisis will be an ongoing problem for at least the next decade.
This disaster reminded us that death is always right beside us, and how important it is to live fully for every single moment of our lives. We must remember how lucky we are to be alive.

Immediately after the earthquake, I spent much time thinking deeply what I could do to support the recovery from this crisis.
As a result, I concluded that there are 2 missions that I must commit to.

The first is, that as a result of the confusion after the earthquake I reaffirmed the potential and criticality of Internet communication and became certain that we must provide a simpler and smoother new method of communicating across the network.
The second is to add our business’s power and resources to “the engine of recovery” and to give courage and hope to not only the people living in the severely affected areas, and all the people across the globe.

To accomplish my missions, I have gathered many talented colleagues who I have worked with in the past and who have empathized with my missions to launch VoiceLink® & iCHIMOK™, a new service. VoiceLink® & iCHIMOK™ will provide a simpler and smoother Internet communication service, and our goal is to make all the stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, creditors, shareholders, national and local self governors) gain greater benefit than the resources they input. As a result of this service we believe that we will be able to accomplish the two missions I previously stated.

We will achieve “a new experience in communication” from the users perspective, with our reliable technology, and provide users a Heart-Beating experience. We believe that this can never be achieved if it is a solely technologically orientated team.

Hoping that our activity will be an example of providing special experiences and courage to all the people around the world.


Yuichiro Itakura