CEO Message

To satisfy changing internet users’ demand, we always keep watching what they expect and what kind of “valuable experiences” they would like to have. We do not hesitate to take risks to meet our customer demands and offer the best product to them. We firmly believe that our missions and fascination above mentioned satisfy all our stakeholders and maximize our corporate value. About “Company 2.0” To accomplish above the mentioned, Synergy Drive Inc. has adopted a unique system to run our business, called “Company 2.0”. Here are the features of Company 2.0: 1. Employment • No employees. • All the staffs under Company 2.0 are the stock option holders. 2. Contingency Fees • Non-cash salary will be paid by the company. • Stock options are distributed to the staffs based on their workload. • Dividends would be paid, if applicable. 3. Cost Structure • Minimize fixed costs include labor cost and maximize variable costs. The advantages of Company 2.0 are that all the stock option holders can share the same purpose to maximize the corporate value and work together towards the same goal. Additionally, Company 2.0 includes a commitment to corporate governance excellence. We do not set any targets with regard to sales since these are not reflecting customer satisfaction. Our most important mission is to satisfy our all stakeholders including our precious customers.

Yuichiro ITAKURA

Yuichirou ITAKURA